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On 21 December 2022, at DOJI Tower - No.5 Le Duan, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi, DOJI Gold & Gems Group together with CMC Corporation officially activated an SAP-ERP system for comprehensive corporate governance in all departments, manufacturing factories and stores of DOJI nationwide.

The SAP – ERP system is the foundation and the core of digital transformation, enabling expansion and connectivity with other ecosystems of DOJI Group. At the same time, a comprehensive digital transformation will help the Group reach out to customers faster and expand the market more easily, thereby improve competitiveness and ensure sustainable development. 

Representatives of DOJI Group, CMC Corporation and the SAP – ERP Project Management Board officially activate the system.

With a strategic vision, powerful potential and mentality of integration to reach further both regionally and internationally, DOJI Group has identified digital transformation as indispensable for breakthrough and sustainable development, especially in the context of both having to respond to difficulties after the pandemic and being proactive and flexible to enhance competitive advantage in the market.

In the process of digital transformation, the Group has selected SAP-ERP, the world's leading solution package for comprehensive corporate governance which helps improve its corporate governance system in order to optimize all resources and improve competitiveness in the age of Industry 4.0.

The SAP Business One solution implemented by CMC Corporation has been selected by DOJI Group. This solution is being used by over 40,000 customers in the world as well as deployed at many large enterprises in Vietnam. SAP Business One has been fully localized by CMC to provide a user-friendly version to Vietnamese customers. In addition, CMC also advises on many innovative solutions to both meet requirements for being systematic according to international standards and flexibly develop new components (add-on) and customizations based on the business characteristics of DOJI Group.

"I believe that SAP-ERP system will be an effective tool to improve production and business efficiency, as well as customer service quality. The integration of data from all functional departments and divisions into a single system helps to retrieve information quickly, improve cost efficiency, and give timely and accurate instructions", emphasized Mr. Do Minh Phu, Chairman of the Founding Council of DOJI Group.

Mr. Do Minh Phu – Chairman of the Founding Council of DOJI Group speaks at the ceremony

Also at the ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Trung Chinh – President of CMC Corporation said that CMC is a partner who has successfully implemented the SAP - ERP solution for many customers in Vietnam over the years. The transformation and operation of the new system at a large-scale enterprise like DOJI will inevitably be difficult at first, since it is burdensome to consolidate a huge amount of information in a short time. However, CMC commits to always accompanying DOJI, sending technicians to all factories, branches and offices of the Group across the country to assist the new system operation. I am confident that the ERP system will accommodate better digital transformation for DOJI and allow the Group to leverage digital data from it to thrive.

Mr. Nguyen Trung Chinh – President of CMC Corporation commits to accompanying DOJI to successfully implement the system.

The project implementation lasts for 18 months (including 8 months affected by the pandemic). This is considered quite fast compared to the scale and complexity of the project as well as the highly specific line of business activity of DOJI Group. In particular, this implementation speed is considered by CMC Corporation to be much faster than those of other companies in the same sector with similar size in the market.

On 1 January 2023, the SAP Business One solution will be officially put into operation, which is an important milestone in DOJI Group's digital transformation journey. With hundreds of thousands of customers using SAP – ERP globally to manage and run their business, the successful and comprehensive implementation of this system at DOJI Group promises to bring high efficiency in management and administration, boost competitiveness in the domestic and international markets, and act as a stepping stone for the Group to continue to conquer new peaks and succeed the future.


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