C-WMS (Warehouse Management System - WMS) integrated with the ERP system, which was researched and developed by the leading technology corporation CMC

  • Real-time Inventory management
  • Suitable for many warehouse models
  • Support mobile Barcode, QRcode, RFID tags for all activities
  • Intergrated with SAP Business One



C-WMS is seamlessly integrated with all warehouse operations and goods management processes from raw materials input, production delivery, stocking in finished products, inventory checking, packaging and delivering. Therefore, this solution has the most optimal capacity of moving and transporting goods.

Easily integrate with the ERP system to answer and respond to duties in the ERP system. Thereby, it boosts the performance of Sales, Purchasing and Manufacturing, helping businesses accurately plan material needs, production and delivery time.


  • Streamline the warehouse management process
  • Smarter warehouse operation
  • More precision inventory data
  • Better capacity management and exploitation
  • Reduce time in order processing
  • Paperless warehouse
  • Reduce and eliminate data entry errors
  • Eliminate errors when doing put-away, pick-pack-ship and tightly control warehouse operations
  • Controlling compliance with regulations on import and export in batches

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