Developing and maintaining SAP Omnichannel Banking (OCB) for VPBank

Developing and maintaining SAP Omnichannel Banking (OCB) for VPBank

About the project

Vietnam Prosperity Joint-Stock Commercial Bank (VPBank) was established on August 12th, 1993. In 26 years of operations, VPBank has taken steps to reaffirm its reputation as a dynamic, financially stable bank which is responsible to the community. VPBank’s remarkable growth is vividly illustrated by the expansion of its branch and transaction office network and the diversity of sales and distribution channels.


The Bank has always been the market leader in applying advanced information technology to its products, services, and operational systems. Along with building a strong and effective corporate culture, core human resources management systems have been developed and implemented at VPBank, and the Bank has taken steps to develop an independent, centralized, and specialized risk management system which meets international standards and aligns with its business strategy. While complying with international best practices in corporate governance, VPBank has also refined its organizational structure according to a clear and transparent corporate governance policy.

With constant efforts, VPBank’s brand has become increasingly strong, which has been affirmed by the receipt of many prestigious awards. In 2017 alone, with 20 precious awards, VPBank successfully fulfilled five-year plan (2012-2017). Vietnam Report ranked VPBank in Top 3 Joint Stock Commercial Banks. VPBank also had the honor to receive the “Best Place to Work in Vietnam'' awarded from Alphabe and Nielsen. In 2018, besides 12 awards honored its outstanding products, services and brand, the bank was ranked among top 10 private enterprises in Vietnam.


SAP Ommichannel banking


Issuing and Managing Treasury Department, Central Money Vaults and 63 branches of the State Bank of Vietnam


The growth in business scale has putted VPBank in certain difficulties:

  • Risk of duplicate or scattered data due to the increased number of transactions and sophisticated financial accounting operations
  • Inefficient human resource management due to the large number of employees and the disorganized allocation of human resources
  • Low efficient decision making due to the duration of analyzing and reporting from individual systems.


  • CMC Consulting (Successor company of CMC Ciber) is one of the strategic partners in developing and maintaining SAP Omnichannel Banking (OCB) for Internet Banking system. CMC Consulting supports for system completeness based on requirements to bring great experiences for VPBank’s customers

  • Time: From 2018 to current (2 years)
  • Resources: 10 Consultants
  • Service Content

- OCB Solution Consulting

- Development, maintenance, Testing for Internet Banking systems (Retail Banking, Bill Payment, Transfer, Overdraft, Etc…)


Improve customer experiences while using Internet Banking services
Improve IT Dept’s support performance for key users
Developing and maintaining SAP Omnichannel Banking (OCB) for VPBank