SAP ERP implementation for Honda Vietnam & more than 40 Car Dealers across Vietnam

SAP ERP implementation for Honda Vietnam & more than 40 Car Dealers across Vietnam

About the project

Founded in 1996, Honda Vietnam Company is a Joint Venture between Honda Motor Company (Japan), Asian Honda Motor Company (Thailand) and Vietnam Motors and Agricultural Machinery Corporation with 2 product industries: Motorcycle and Car. After more than 20 years in Vietnam, Honda Vietnam has continuously grown and became one of the leading companies in the field of motorcycle manufacturing and the prestigious car manufacturer in the Vietnamese market.

Honda Vietnam is proud to provide high-quality products, dedicated services to customers and the contributions to a healthy traffic society. With the slogan “The Power of Dreams”, Honda wishes to share and fulfill the dream with everyone by creating new joys for people and society.


Implementing the SAP ERP system package including: Parts Trade Management, Automotive Production and Business Management, Financial and Accounting Management, Procurement and Centralized Procurement Management.


Successfully implementing SAP ERP for Honda Vietnam and a system of more than 40 Honda car authorized dealers nationwide.


Honda encountered many difficulties when implementing with a large volume of operations, processes and data. Moreover, the simultaneous application of ERP for all industries and Honda's operations is indeed a large number of work and an immense challenge.


CMC Consulting (Successor company of CMC Ciber) implemented successfully SAP ERP for Honda Vietnam and more than 40 Car Dealers across Vietnam. We are proud to be the very first SAP Partner who brought SAP’s vertical solution for Automotive industry to Vietnam market. CMC Consulting has been being a prime partner who accompanies with Honda in multiple projects from implementation, maintenance, enhancement, integration and so on. Below showing the detail of our services provided to Honda:

New Implementation 

  • No. of Professional Consultant: 15–25  Professional Consultants
  • Service Detail:
  1. Implement ERP System with modules: FICO, MM, SD, WM (barcode), PP, Vehicle Management System (VMS)
  1. Implement SAP Dealer Business Management (DBM) for 20+ Dealers:

      -  Logistic Executions

       - FICO, FA

  1. Integration among SAP ERP, SAP DBM, E-Invoice, CRM, Factory & Production System
  2. Develop Forms, Reports, VAS,…

AMS Services:

  • 10-12 AMS Consultants
  • Service Detail
  1. AMS for SAP ERP
  2. AMS for SAP DBM, Rollout SAP DBM for 40+ Dealers and so on
  3. AMS for integration 
  4. AMS for new developments 


Time saving with real-time reporting
Standardize process interaction among departments of Honda & Car Dealers
Optimize and automate process to cut unnecessary costs
SAP ERP implementation for Honda Vietnam & more than 40 Car Dealers across Vietnam