ERP SAP B1 implemention for Doji Group Joint Stock Company

ERP SAP B1 implemention for Doji Group Joint Stock Company

About the project

Doji is a multi-industry corporation of trading Gold, Silver and Gemstones, Real Estate, Trading Services, Hotels, Restaurants.... In this project, CMC has successfully implemented phase 1 for the Gold and Silver industry.


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Up to now, Doji Group has 15 member companies operating under the Parent-Subsidiary model, 5 joint venture companies and 61 branches, nearly 200 Centers, Stores spread across the country along with more than 400 Agents, Points of Sale..., creating a product distribution system covering most regions of Vietnam. The Group's equity is 6,000 billion VND with total assets of 15,000 billion VND and the total number of employees is nearly 3,000 employees.


- Due to the large scale and complexity of the project, it is difficult to mobilize personnel
- Many complex manufacturing industries
- Many departments are afraid of responsibility
- Difficulty in unifying Master Data


Execution time: 1,5 years
Deployment service:
- Purchase management
- Sales Management
- Warehouse management
- Production management
- Project management
- Hotel and restaurant management
- Quality management
- Finance and Accounting management
- Budget plan and cash flow management
- Consolidate financial reports


Optimizing employee performance
Cut down on training and retraining costs for old employees as well as limit the costs lost in the business process
Cut costs through planning and calculating costs from the manufacturing process
Provide accurate data
Good operation of financial matters, especially cash flow management
Increase client trust while reducing costs of market expansion and marketing
Cost of goods sold is calculated accurately, resulting in higher benefits
ERP SAP B1 implemention for Doji Group Joint Stock Company