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On July 3rd, 2023, at EagleBurgmann Vietnam representative office, the SAP ERP Roll-out project from EagleBurgmann head office in Singapore to Vietnam has officially come into operation. Marking the journey of developing a strategic cooperative partnership between two Parties, the project is a milestone proving CMC Consulting’s SAP ERP implementation and consulting capacity and EagleBurgmann’s long-term vision in Vietnam.

Representatives of EagleBurgmann Vietnam and CMC Consulting at the inauguration ceremony of the Roll-out SAP ERP project.

SAP ERP Go-live in Vietnam - Fueling EagleBurgmann Vietnam‘s digital transformation journey

EagleBurgmann is one of the leading brands in industrial sealing solutions. As a reputable unit with long-term production experience, EagleBurgmann has gained customers’ trust that their mechanical seals are widely used by thousands of global enterprises in oil and gas industries, refineries, the petrochemical, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries, food processing, energy, water, mining, paper, aerospace, and other industries.

EagleBurgmann entered the Vietnam market in 2007. After 15 years of development and achievement, EagleBurgmann Vietnam has continued to aim for long-term revenue growth, efficient operation, and direct contribution to the overall success of EagleBurgmann Corporation. EagleBurgmann Vietnam believes that digital transformation and the inheritance of the previous successful application of SAP ERP in EagleBurgmann group will be the driving force for EagleBurgmann Vietnam to grow even more impressively.

At EagleBurgmann Singapore’s head office, SAP ERP has been deployed and used across departments and divisions. Realizing the urgency and efficiency of ERP software system in business administration and operation, EagleBurgmann wishes to localize the ERP system for its branch in Vietnam, hence synchronizing all data of the branch with headquarters. In addition, the successful ERP implementation promises to bring breakthrough opportunities from the integration and digital transformation wave, creating conditions for EagleBurgmann Vietnam to improve operational efficiency and enhance competitiveness in the market.

In the initial step of digital transformation, the biggest limitation is maintaining the progress between the two deployment teams of EagleBurgmann APAC Singapore and EagleBurgmann Vietnam. Besides, the feasibility of the project faced different difficulties due to the lack of ERP consultants and implementation experts at EagleBurgmann Vietnam. This motivates EagleBurgmann to look for a reputable partner in Vietnam that possesses a team of veteran and capable personnel in implementing Roll-out SAP ERP projects. Furthermore, they need to be proficient in English and able to respond quickly to customers’ requests. With more than 15 years of experience in Consulting and Deploying ERP solutions for domestic and international enterprises, CMC Consulting has proven its expert capacity for ERP, trusted by EagleBurgmann to cooperate, using high-quality human resources for this SAP ERP Roll-out project.

The whole inauguration ceremony of the project

That the project’s operation takes place on schedule is the result of hard work during the past 6 months of the Outsourcing team CMC Consulting, EagleBurgmann APAC, and EagleBurgmann Vietnam. With the efforts and determination of the project experts and the substantial support from leaders of the two sides, this project recognized its ability to operate efficiently and quickly:

  • Finance, Accounting & Control Module - FICO
  • Sales and Distribution Module - SD
  • Material Management Module - MM

Representatives of EagleBurgmann Vietnam shared an important moment on EagleBurgmann Vietnam's digital transformation journey.

When coming into operation, SAP ERP system is an effective tool to facilitate EagleBurgmann Vietnam simplifying, optimizing, and standardizing comprehensive business processes; ensuring seamless information exchange between departments; storing business data safely and effectively. From there, EagleBurgmann Vietnam’s data and parameters will be integrated synchronously in real-time into the ERP system of the entire branch and head office, accelerating operation speed, elevating business results, and improving enterprises’ competitiveness in the Asia-Pacific market.

Mr. Jimmy Phan, Managing Director of EagleBurgmann Vietnam expressed his impression towards SAP ERP consultation and implementation capacity, professional working attitude, high concentration, and avid support of experts from CMC Consulting. In particular, under project-specific conditions, it takes the team only 6 months with continuous work and discussion to complete the project.

“Go-live the project on time is a testament to the professional competence of CMC Consulting in consulting, implementing as well as training high-quality SAP ERP implementation personnel. With the strong support from CMC Consulting, the success of the project is a premise for EagleBurgmann to comprehensively transform digitally and thrive”. affirmed Mr. Jimmy.

Speaking at the ceremony, Head of SAP ERP Outsourcing Business Center - Mr. Vu Manh Cuong emphasized: This project marks a strong transformation of CMC Consulting in the field of digital talent training, affirming its position as one of the leading units providing high-quality SAP ERP personnel for domestic and international markets. CMC Consulting commits to ensuring project results according to the businesses’ requirements, providing the most experienced, professional team of dedicated experts to help businesses optimize resources and costs. He also shared about the orientation of expansion, development, and investment focusing on training “people”, in which competency is the key factor to “export” prime-grade Vietnamese IT human resources to the global market.

The official launch of this project is an indelible moment between CMC Consulting, EagleBurgmann APAC, and EagleBurgmann Vietnam. There was the attendance of representatives of 3 teams: Mr. Jimmy Phan - Managing Director of EagleBurgmann Vietnam, Ms. Phung Thi Minh Thu - Financial Manager of EagleBurgmann Vietnam, and Mr. Vu Manh Cuong - Head of SAP ERP Outsourcing Business Center CMC Consulting; Ms. Phung Minh Huong - Deputy Head of Business Development Outsourcing CMC Consulting, Ms. Nguyen Ha Linh - Head of Marketing & Partnership CMC Consulting; and all personnel who directly operating the project.

CMC Consulting is currently the number one unit in providing high-quality SAP ERP human resources with 15 years of experience in Consulting and Deploying comprehensive management solutions in many fields for organizations, and corporations, domestically and internationally.

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