CMC Consulting and TH Group successfully collaborated on digital transformation in human resources management using the SAP platform.

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On November 24th, at the Bac A Bank building, No. 9 Dao Duy Anh, the Go-live ceremony of the HR Portal & SAP TM/PY project was successfully held after nearly a year of relentless research, consultancy, and implementation collaboration between two strategic units of TH Group: TH Food Chain Joint Stock Company (THFC) and TH Milk Joint Stock Company (TH Milk) with partners CMC Consulting and Mobino. The project has officially commenced operation with positive outcomes, enhancing the value and efficiency of Human Resource Management operations. This initiative opens up a comprehensive view of Enterprise Management, aiding TH Group in operating more efficiently and sustainably.

According to Ms. Pham Thu Hien - Director of Human Resources, before implementing the system, TH Group faced numerous operational challenges due to the scale, volume of operations, processes, and extensive personnel data. Additionally, differences in attendance rules, working hours calculation, and payroll policies among subsidiary companies also posed significant challenges.

"Ms. Pham Thu Hien - TH's HR Director shares an overview and evaluation of the project."


CMC Consulting successfully advised and implemented SAP Time Management & SAP Payroll - efficient and streamlined time tracking and payroll calculations on the SAP platform.


In response to TH Group's challenges, CMC Consulting provided consultancy and executed SAP Human Capital Management (SAP HCM) - a Time and Payroll system supporting HR management. It automated HR management operations, optimized processes, and seamlessly synchronized data across the entire Group's administrative data, significantly enhancing productivity compared to before. The system comprises 6 administrative features catering to diverse HR management needs, deployable collectively or individually to address various enterprise requirements.

Among these, Time Management (TM) and Payroll Management (PY) functionalities are key components of the SAP HCM's value proposition. The SAP TM Time Management feature assists in planning, synthesizing attendance records for regular performance evaluation based on departmental needs, enabling precise monitoring of employee progress and working hours by management. Additionally, the SAP PY Payroll Management feature automates the entire payroll calculation process, bonuses, resolves procedural issues, streamlines statistical processes, and consolidates data comprehensively, meeting both management and employee needs. Consequently, the SAP HCM system fully automates the creation of individual employee payroll tables monthly, significantly reducing manual workload, implementation time, and minimizing risks and errors, especially when dealing with TH Group's large workforce.

The team directly involved in the project.

Positive project outcomes

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Khoa - TH Group's IT Director and project representative, shared: "To achieve the bigbang Go-live, we overcame challenges in project management, technical aspects, and system architecture. Today marks a milestone for us to reflect on the journey we've undertaken. This is the initial landmark in the journey to enhance the enterprise-wide experience, which still lies ahead with immense potential."

Mr. Nguyen Duc Nam, representing TH's Board of Directors, acknowledged the project's success, the efforts, and determination of the CMC Consulting team in efficiently advising and implementing the SAP TM/PY subsystem. It has improved the labor force's experience at TH by 75% since the initial operational days.

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Khoa - TH's IT Director and his insights about the project.


Mr. Nguyen Xuan Khoa - TH Group's IT Director, along with the project representatives from CMC Consulting.


" Join hands between TH and CMC Consulting, along with the project team, reaffirms the strong connection, collaboration, and sustainable development between both partner parties. Proud of the splendid outcome of this project, CMC Consulting is increasingly asserting its capabilities as a leading SAP ERP consultancy and deployment unit in Vietnam, and extending further to the international market," affirmed by Mr. Nguyen Hai Son - Managing Director of CMC Consulting.


CMC Consulting and TH Group successfully collaborated on digital transformation in human resources management using the SAP platform.

CMC Consulting and TH Group successfully collaborated on digital transformation in human resources management using the SAP platform.

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