CMC Consulting successfully implements SAP B1 Production Management Solution for Vinataba.

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On December 5, 2023, at the headquarters of Thang Long Cigarette Joint Stock Company (Vinataba Thang Long), a conference took place to review, evaluate, and recognize the positive outcomes achieved during the 11 months of implementing the SAP B1 ERP solution. This initiative began on January 1, 2023, under the guidance of the CMC Consulting team for Vinataba.

Thang Long Cigarettes and the Digital Transformation Motivation

According to customer feedback, the motivation for the digital transformation at Vinataba Thang Long stems from difficulties in managing production schedules to ensure timely order fulfillment. Additionally, the inventory management process at various warehouses, especially external ones, often involves time-consuming checks and is challenging to control, leading to shortages in goods and raw materials. Consequently, Vinataba's employees have grappled with the cost management challenge in production departments due to losses and material cost inefficiencies for several years.

Communication among individuals, departments, and production units has been disjointed, with a decentralized database system causing inaccuracies and delays in exchanging information, working collaboratively, and compiling reports. This situation has adversely affected business and production processes, impacting the timely supply of products to the market.

Vinataba Thang Long makes concerted efforts and demonstrates determination in restructuring and digital transformation for its evolution.

CMC Consulting Implements Intelligent Production Management Process on SAP B1 Platform

In its role as a digital transformation partner alongside Vinataba Thang Long, CMC Consulting deeply understands the specific challenges faced by the state-owned enterprise, with its complex processes. The consulting firm has researched and provided advice on a suitable digital transformation roadmap. Despite the urgency of the implementation timeframe and disruptions caused by Covid-19, CMC Consulting worked with the utmost responsibility, efficiently addressing project scope expansions and challenges arising from differences in IT expertise and the acceptance of digital culture.

The SAP B1 solution, advised and implemented by CMC Consulting according to international standards, flexibly addresses Vinataba Thang Long's challenges. It includes modules for sales management, procurement management, inventory management, equipment maintenance, quality management, and notably, production management modules (Bill of Materials, Production Planning, Material Requirements Planning, Production Orders, Production Scheduling and Results, Material Traceability from origin to final product formation, etc.).

SAP B1 effectively addresses the cost of product manufacturing, serving as a foundation for quick decision-making on market pricing policies. This, in turn, enhances the ability to analyze the company's financial health for future planning.

SAP Business One (SAP B1): Vinataba's Trusted Manufacturing Management Solution

Furthermore, with its ability to standardize and unify work processes, SAP B1 automates repetitive tasks, minimizes manual handling, and streamlines production operations. Data is consolidated and processed uniformly, forming an intelligent and visual reporting system. This system aids businesses and leadership in updating real-time production data, making swift business decisions, and optimizing warehouse management, the entire production process, budget planning, and cash flow to the maximum extent possible.

The CMC Consulting team is directly implementing the project and reporting at the conference.

Positive Project Results

Representing the client, the Project Director regards this as a significant milestone in the collaboration between the two entities and the digital transformation journey of Vinataba Thang Long. Vinataba Thang Long highly values the outstanding performance of the CMC Consulting team, achieving positive results in the project:

  • 100% Timely Information Delivery to Company Leadership: All production and inventory information is promptly communicated to the company's leadership. The entire dataset is in real-time on the SAP B1 system.
  • 95% Transparent Data Flow Between Departments and Production Units: Information and data exchange between departments and production units have been seamlessly integrated into a transparent and clear workflow.
  • Over 90% Automation in Procurement, Sales, and Production Processes: Automation has been implemented in over 90% of procurement, sales, and production processes, reducing administrative procedure time by 87%. This has led to the optimization of production resources.
  • Proactive Material Requirement Calculation and Production Planning: The calculation of material needs and preparation for production schedules are now proactive and supported by SAP B1.

The Project Director of the Manufacturing Management Solution at CMC Consulting spoke at the Conference.

CMC Consulting Continues to Accompany Vinataba in Digital Transformation

In the future, CMC Consulting will persist in the digital transformation journey with Vinataba Thang Long, assisting the business in continuing to reap the "sweet fruits" and advancing to the next stage of the long-term digital transformation journey for Vinataba Thang Long. CMC Consulting proudly serves as a strategic partner to Vinataba Thang Long, a leading enterprise in the manufacturing and distribution of tobacco. It affirms its pioneering role and leadership capabilities in providing consulting and implementing SAP ERP solutions, especially tailored for the manufacturing industry.

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