CMC donates Covid-19 testing system to Hoc Mon General Hospital

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CMC Technology Group presented a Covid-19 test system worth 5.2 billion VND to Hoc Mon General Hospital on October 6, 2021. The activity is a part of CMC's volunteer programs series from the beginning of 2021 to the present. It was known as the only modern PCR testing system in Hoc Mon and Cu Chi areas.

Attending the event, on the side of CMC Technology Group was Mr. Pham Van Trung - General Director of CMC Saigon Technology and Solutions Co., Ltd. On the side of the Ho Chi Minh City People Committee was Mr. Duong Anh Duc - Vice Chairman, Mr. Duong Hong Thang - Chairman of Hoc Mon District People Committee. The awarding ceremony was organized based on the connection and support from the "Nhung nguoi yeu Sai Gon" volunteer group.

Mr. Pham Van Trung - General Director of CMC TSSG (2nd from right) presented the testing system to the Director of Hoc Mon General Hospital - Mr. Dang Quoc Quan (in the middle)

At the event, the representative of CMC, Mr. Pham Van Trung, presented the gift - a Covid-19 test system worth VND 5.2 billion to the representative of Hoc Mon General Hospital. This gift will support doctors and hospital doctors to reduce testing time and localize the source of infection in the community.

Mr. Pham Van Trung - representative of CMC Corporation shared at the awarding ceremony

Receiving a gift from CMC, Mr. Dang Quoc Quan - Specialist Doctor II, Secretary of the Party Committee, and Director of Hoc Mon General Hospital shared that: During the complicated development of the epidemic, the need for medical equipment inflated, these devices are valuable. The hospital appreciates CMC's support. Previously, samples must be sent to the HCDC. Currently, the hospital can take the initiative to test hundreds of thousands of samples. Without the help of sponsors such as CMC, the hospital finds it very difficult to treat and prevent the Covid-19 epidemic. Doctors and nurses of Hoc Mon General Hospital will use this gift for accurate purposes.

Mr. Pham Van Trung discussed with Mr. Duong Anh Duc - Vice Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City People Committee and Mr. Dang Quoc Quan - Director of Hoc Mon General Hospital

Sharing about CMC's volunteer activities, Mr. Pham Van Trung said: "On behalf of the people of Saigon, I would like to thank the non-stop fighting of the medical team for thousands of people to return to their families. In addition, thanks to the consecutive Government guidance and the People Committee of Ho Chi Minh City, who always accompanies the people. The fight against the epidemic may be longer and fiercer. Being one of the businesses which always upholds its responsibility to the community, CMC Technology Group is always ready to join hands with the government and people nationwide in repelling Covid-19. We hope that the small gifts of CMC can help reduce the burden on the medical team, soon turn the normal life back".

Mr. Duong Anh Duc - Vice Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City People Committee shared: “Our fight against Covid-19 has lasted for nearly 2 years, and the past 4 months have been the most difficult time for Ho Chi Minh City. Until today, Ho Chi Minh has had many positive signals and images of the bustle activities of the people. To do that, it takes a lot of contributions and sacrifices from the medical team and the cooperation of all people everywhere, watching and looking forward to Ho Chi Minh City. In addition, the donation of a PCR test system from CMC Technology Group has helped the hospital speed up the testing and treatment process for patients.”

Donating a Covid-19 test system worth VND 5.2 billion to Hoc Mon General Hospital, CMC Technology Group has raised the total funding value from the beginning of 2021 to now more than VND 39 billion. This activity demonstrates CMC's responsibility to the social community, spreading a beautiful image of solidarity, joining hands with the whole country to fight the epidemic.

Showing responsibility, one of the core values ​​of CMC, the group employees also carry out many meaningful activities. Each employee of CMC Technology Group donates a tablet in the program, "Song va may tinh cho em" launched by the Prime Minister on September 12, 2021. In addition, the Group also donated ventilators to front-line hospitals and provided epidemic prevention equipment to a chain of field hospitals to share with the community in the context of complicated epidemic developments.

Since the beginning of June, CMC employees have been vaccinated. More than 90% of CMC employees nationwide have been vaccinated with the first dose and are going to receive the second dose. 

At the headquarters, CMC complies with the 5K regulations of the Ministry of Health, establishing a Safe Green Zone. In Hanoi, not only equipping staff with masks and antiseptic water, but CMC also quickly implemented hygiene recommendations at the office. Many online webinars have been held to ensure that all of the staff are updated with the most accurate information on the epidemiology and local situation, following the evolution of the disease.

In addition to essential departments, employees are allowed to work from home as required by local authorities. CMC also ensures the full working equipment for employees. Moreover, they will receive a salary following the regulation of Labor law to have a stable life.

In the coming time, CMC will make every effort to achieve dual goals of anti-epidemic combined with maintenance and social - economics development by committing to provide essential products and technological solutions to clients.

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