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Following the series about SAP knowledge, this week, the HR team at CMC Consulting will share 5 interview tips for freshers when applying for a SAP Consultant position. Through this post, candidates can be more confident during the interview process at CMC Consulting.

For inexperienced Freshers, professional questions are often limited in many aspects when interviewing. Therefore, passing the interview round will be evaluated by the leaders based on factors such as: attitude, skills, logical thinking and suitability level with company/team culture. So, before interviewing for the position of Fresher SAP Consultant, what do candidates need to prepare

1. Get to know the company

At the beginning of interviews with Fresher candidates, Leaders may ask "Have you learned about the company?"

The reason is the leaders want to know if the candidate has thoroughly researched the company and the job before applying for the position or not. So that, leaders can assess a candidate's level of interest and serious attitude towards the vacancy. Moreover, SAP Consulting is a specific field, so the training process will take a lot of time, effort and money, that’s why candidates need to consider seriously before applying.

There are 2 types of companies recruiting SAP Consultant: Party A (Customer company) and Party B (Consulting and implementation company like CMC Consulting). With Party A, candidates will only participate in the projects of the company you apply for, but with Party B, candidates will be involved in projects of many different companies. Thus, candidates need to research carefully to find the right company which matches their own expectations. However, the companies of Party A often do not recruit Freshers then opportunity is fewer than Party B cause Party B companies will be more willing in training Freshers.

2. Carefully study the JD (Job Description) 

Following the question about the company, a question that is also frequently asked is about the job position. For example: “How do you understand this SAP Consultant position?” or “Have you known about the work you will do as a SAP Consultant?”

SAP Consultant is divided into 2 roles, Functional & Technical. When applying for job, candidates should advisedly read the JD to avoid mistakes.

  • Functional Consultant is a position which has some similarities with the position of Business Analyst. Candidates can easily find the phrase "Fresher SAP Functional Consultant/Fresher Business Analyst" on recruitment groups/websites. However, besides the similarity, there will be some specific points that candidates should study JD precisely to determine if this position is in accordance with their career path or not.
  • Technical Consultant will be similar to the Developer position, but you will be coding based on a packaged product. The job will be a little different from the software development positions. However, this job is expected to be a "hot hunted position" in the near future.

3. Specify the desired Module 

In addition to the phrase "Fresher SAP Functional Consultant", the job title of the Functional Consultant position can also be found associated with the required module such as: Fresher SAP FICO Consultant, Fresher SAP SuccessFactor Consultant, etc. Hence, freshers interested in the position of SAP Consultant need to clearly define what module you want to stick to initially?

A small tip for candidates when determining the desired module is mapping from their field of study/experience to choose the right module. For example: A candidate majoring in finance => Finance module; majoring in human resources => HR module, etc. Or if candidates want to switch to another direction, they should prepare an internship/collaboration with a minimum 3-6 months in their interested field to acquire basic information, professional knowledge as a foundation before applying to become a SAP Consultant. Regarding SAP modules, there are many modules in different fields which can be found on Google.

4. Equip the necessary skills

SAP Consultant is a profession where candidates play roles as a professional consultant, work and interact directly with many people who are clients, partners, team members, etc. Besides mastering professional knowledge, skills are also an important factor that HR and Leader examine suitable candidates. Take a look at some of the essential skills for a SAP Consultant here:

➣ Communication Skills

➣ Team work skills

➣ Logical thinking, critical thinking skills 

➣ Work & time management skills 

➣ English Skills

5. Prepare interview "script"

Fresher SAP Consultant vacancy is quite special, so the way to ask interview questions is also different from the usual positions. The types of questions will vary from specialized knowledge learned in school, critical thinking, solving specific problems/situations to build regulatory processes that you may not have been able to do, etc. This is not to make it difficult for you, but to evaluate the candidate's logical thinking and skills, the strength of specialized knowledge/theory,... Because there are many people who go to university but can't remember anything, even the most basic knowledge while in the consulting role, understanding the basics are extremely important.

To be more prepared for the interview, the candidate should draw a picture of the interview in mind, prepare questions in advance by searching for typical SAP interview questions through reading or watching interview simulation videos. The documents about SAP in Vietnamese are quite few, so candidates can search in English for more references and resources.

At the end of the interview, don't forget to ask an "interesting" question to score more  points with the interviewer. And if candidates do have any questions, do not hesitate to ask interviewers all to fully understand the job & the company before moving to further process. 

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