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1. What is SAP Account Manager

SAP Account Manager is responsible for finding potential clients, introducing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions based on the SAP system and executing transactions. In other words, SAP Account Manager is the one who negotiates with clients to reach certain agreements and fetch projects to the implementation teams in the company.

Enterprise resource planning solution is a specialized product because of its intangibility and difficult-describing features. Therefore, the position of Sales or Account Manager in the SAP solutions consulting and implementation company has many differences compared to other companies in the other fields..

Specifically, the sales process for tangible goods will be quick because customers can touch the product and immediately see their effects, then make decisions easily. Moreover, tangible goods often have fixed prices, so salespersons don't need to spend too much time to offer an accurate and reasonable cost for customers. In contrast, costs of intangible ERP solutions are relative, evaluated based on experience, project content and specific client’s desire. In some special cases, it is difficult for SAP Account Manager to provide a reasonable cost immediately. Instead, they need to ask the relevant departments to analyze and offer a specific price.

In addition, building a set of detailed guiding documents is an extremely important step that SAP Account Managers can not ignore; while in other fields, this is optional.. It comes from the fact that SAP Account Manager plays as the company's representative to communicate and convey information to clients. Thus, SAP Account Managers need to have an extensive overview about the company solutions to be able to present and deliver information for clients in the most comprehensive and accurate way.


2. Essential qualities to become a professional SAP Account Manager

Today, SAP is the “top of mind” ERP software not only in Vietnam but also around the world. Consequently, the demand for SAP human resources to introduce, consult and close the deals is very high. The pay level for SAP Account Manager is ranked in the top of the sales market with plenty of opportunities in terms of career growth, salary, quality of life and other benefits. Hence, SAP Account Manager has become a desirable profession for many people. However, becoming a SAP Account Manager is a work of art and it requires those who dream of becoming an expert to master basic knowledge and have good soft skills.

The first basic element which needs to be focused on is solution knowledge. This is obvious because SAP Account Manager is the representative of the company to discuss and negotiate with clients. Account Managers will not be able to present and persuade clients to choose their company's solution without highlighting advantages, functions, and effectiveness that solution brings to the company. The second fundamental factor is the technology understanding The target clients that SAP Account Managers aim at are leaders of enterprise, professional departments (accounting, sales, purchasing, warehouse, human resources,...). Therefore, when introducing a solution to the enterprise, it is necessary to have a salesperson who has enough bravery, confidence in knowledge, especially in technology knowledge to solve all problems with highly persuasiveness and applicability.

Besides the foundation knowledge, professional SAP Account Managers need to focus on developing the following skills:
► Communication: Account Managers often work with clients via phone or meeting up face-to-face with a tight schedule, so the basic need for a salesperson is communication skill . A skilful way of talking and leading into the story will help the Account Manager easily negotiate and convince clients. Besides, communication is also a method of building relationships. The discussions are simply not about solutions , but sometimes they’re also about sideline stories such as current affairs related to economics, politics, social issues,... It requires an Account Manager to stay up-to-date with information in various fields to always be ready for talking about any topic.
► Patience: Patience is always at the forefront in any profession. To Account Manager, patience is doubly necessary compared to other professions. It is because establishing relationships with clients is a lengthy process. An impatient person will easily give up when their words are dismissed by clients, the presentations are not successful, the project is lost to the rival,... and it will be difficult for them to become a professional SAP Account Manager.
► Cautiousness: As the first person working with clients, the image of an Account Manager is also associated with the image of the company. The words, gestures, and utterances of an Account Manager can give a good or bad impression to clients about the company. That makes the Account Manager have to be really careful in every word, gesture, working attitude, email,…
► Withstanding pressure: Sales environment is a fiercely competitive environment. Each product solution of every business has its own distinctive features. This is the reason why an Account Manager is someone who needs to withstand great pressure, especially when convincing clients that the company’s solution stands out.


3. The worthy value of being SAP Account Manager

SAP Account Managers have to work under a lot of pressure with the strict job requirements. However, the benefits that SAP Account Manager receives are well worth the effort spent.

Besides a stable salary ranked as one of the highest in the field if hard-working, Account Managers also have the opportunity to work flexibly, not too constrained at a fixed location. They have the right to manage their personal schedule to optimize the meeting schedule with clients. Furthermore, one of the great "treasures'' of being SAP Account Manager is an extensive relationships network. Under the influence of work, which requires a process of communication, approaching many different potential clients continuously, the SAP Account Manager’s network of acquaintances is everywhere.

The last advantage of being SAP Account Manager is the open opportunity to become CEO. 80% of successful CEOs in the world started in the field of Sales. The journey of becoming an excellent salesperson is a premise for them to be a successful businessman later. It is because the Sales profession converges many essential skills of a CEO such as: Communication, business, creativity and pressure-enduring possibility.


In conclusion, SAP Account Manager is a career with a lot of potential for development, creating attractive job opportunities suitable with the dynamic and flexible orientation of the world today. However, the journey to become an expert in the field of SAP Account Manager is extremely arduous, requiring candidates to be trained in a professional environment to learn and hone more professional skills.

Established in 2008, CMC Consulting is Vietnam's leading recognized supplier of ERP consulting and implementation; the Gold Partner of SAP Vietnam with a 30% SAP market share and over 14 years of experience; built a team of over 150 outstanding ERP consultants in Vietnam to successfully go-live numerous enterprises in the domestic and international markets. That is the reason why CMC Consulting promises to be an ideal working environment that gives candidates opportunities to learn through real projects. From that, candidates can successfully achieve a dream to become an SAP Account Manager expert.

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