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In order to meet the supply chain management needs of businesses, a smart warehouse system (Warehouse Management System - WMS) was created. It became the optimal tool to solve the problems of manual warehouses and the premise for a smooth supply chain. One of the WMS products that is commonly used by many businesses today is C-WMS - a smart warehouse management solution integrated with the ERP system, which was researched and developed by Vietnam's leading Technology Group CMC.

C-WMS is a comprehensive product. It helps warehouse management to operate in a standardized and efficient way through the tight and seamless integration of all operational processes. The most outstanding feature of the C-WMS system is the flexible support in handling warehouse operations of business, tracking all movements of goods across the entire warehouse system and in storage areas. To actualize that, C-WMS has combined with the DPS (Digital Picking System) at the Picking step in warehouse management.

Application of DPS system in Picking step

DPS (Digital Picking System), also known as Pick To Light, is a system that combines a computer and Light Modules to support the picking/picking process in all warehouses/factories. Staff just need to move to the place where the Modules are lit/flashing and pick the correct number shown. This simplifies processing steps and makes it easy for any employee to do it quickly, easily and efficiently.

Simulation of the Pick to Light system


Most warehouses as well as factories in Vietnam still use Handy terminal (handheld), many places still use list picking. 

The above methods may worked effectively in the past, but with the vigorous development of automation and the demand for faster import/export progress than ever (especially with new industries such as E-Commerce), depending on old ways leads to many disadvantages as follows:

- Easily lead to a shortage of human resources during the pandemic or when the demand is high during holidays and Tet.

- Take time for training and get used to

- Take time to charge the battery

- Risk of losing devices

- Scan, read wrong position, product type. Skip line, skip step (in factory)

- Unnecessary loss and increase in costs from taking the wrong goods

- Increase labor management costs if businesses continue to depend on cheap labor

The Pick to Light solution solves the weaknesses of traditional warehouses

In order to overcome the above problems, the advantages of Pick To Light are:

- Easy to use, get used to immediately

- Halve the working time,halve the order processing time

- Reduce labor costs

- Flexibility in re-location

- More than 10 times less likely to make mistakes

Example of successful application of Pick to Light solution

In general, Pick to Light is a system capable of supporting the picking step in the warehouse management process to become more efficient and accurate. Therefore, it ensures the actualization of the most outstanding advantage in the smart warehouse management model C-WMS: Accompanying businesses to solve warehouse tasks and track changes in the quantity of goods on the entire storage system; comprehensively meet the needs of supply chain management of clients. 

However, the maximum application and promotion of the Pick to Light system features requires businesses to have the support and advice from a reputable C-WMS solution implementation partner. With more than 14 years of experience and a team of leading experts, CMC Consulting has been affirming the position as the leading recognized supplier of Consulting and Implementation services of comprehensive Digital Transformation solutions. CMC Consulting is committed to the ability of consulting and implementing C-WMS systems, meeting the needs of Logistics management of clients with top-quality services and competitive pricing.

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