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 1. Artificial Intelligence (A.I): An inevitable trend in modern HR management

Applying technology to build a digital workforce is a trend being actively implemented by businesses worldwide. Artificial Intelligence (A.I) plays a key role in automating the process of approaching, evaluating, and screening candidates, saving time, eliminating errors, and subjective biases. With its superior analytical capabilities, A.I acts as an intelligent "brain," providing strong support for HR professionals. According to research by Eightfold, the use of A.I software helps HR staff perform administrative tasks 19% more efficiently than traditional methods. This allows the HR team to focus on strategic activities and planning at the organizational level.

Some practical benefits of A.I in HR management:

  • Talent attraction and recruitment: Assists in identifying suitable candidates, automating the process of screening resumes, and scheduling interviews.
  • Recruitment orientation: Analyzes data to predict HR needs and build effective recruitment strategies.
  • Training: Personalizes training programs to meet the development needs of each individual.
  • Enhancing employee experience: Supports answering questions, providing information, and creating a positive work environment.
  • Developing leadership capabilities: Analyzes data to identify leadership potential and build appropriate training programs.

Recognizing this inevitable trend, CMC Technology Group has dedicated research and development to the C-HR Smart Job Application Management and Extraction solution, a product of the CMC Applied Technology Institute (CMC ATI). When combined with SAP SuccessFactors - SAP's leading HR management solution, C-HR creates a comprehensive toolkit that effectively solves the problem of workforce management and development for businesses.

2. C-HR: Effective tool for exploiting recruitment potential


With the goal of helping businesses optimize recruitment activities, the C-HR solution has been built as a platform applying A.I technology to support automated digitization of CV data (resume/application of candidates), advanced search, and intelligent suggestions for suitable candidates. This is a tool that applies modern data science to the recruitment process, helping businesses solve two important problems:

  • CV Parsing (Resume Data Digitization): C-HR helps businesses automate the process of data entry and processing from candidate resumes. Instead of spending time and effort manually entering information, this solution will automatically scan and extract important information from candidate resumes, such as work experience, education, skills, and more. This saves time and reduces errors in data processing, thereby increasing the efficiency and accuracy of the recruitment process.
  • CV Matching (Finding Suitable Candidates): C-HR applies algorithms and advanced technologies to analyze and process data, search for suitable candidates from the company's database of candidate resumes and data of candidates available in the labor market. Recruiters can set detailed search criteria such as skills, education, work experience, desired job position, etc. C-HR will automatically filter and display the list of the most suitable candidates based on the established requirements. In addition, this tool also provides in-depth information about the labor market, helping recruiters grasp the recruitment situation and the level of competition in the industry, thereby making appropriate strategic decisions.

With its outstanding benefits, C-HR offers an optimal solution for recruitment. Depending on the specific needs and problems of each business, C-HR can be flexibly customized to maximize effectiveness, especially when combined with specialized HR management solutions like SAP SuccessFactors.

3. SAP SuccessFactors & C-HR: The perfect pair to enhance HR management power

SAP SuccessFactors is a comprehensive human resource management platform from SAP, providing solutions for the entire HR management cycle. This solution is divided into separate modules such as Employee Experience Management, Core HR and Payroll, Talent Management, People Analytics, and Workforce Planning, etc. When combined, the C-HR tool will effectively complement the Talent Management - Recruitment module of SuccessFactors. This combination creates a powerful human resource management system, maximizing the potential of A.I technology in attracting, recruiting, and managing talent.

When integrated with SAP SuccessFactors, the CV Parsing feature is upgraded to allow the system to automatically extract information from candidate CVs directly from emails, convert it into structured data, and connect it to the SAP SuccessFactors profile and information management system, making the resume processing faster and more efficient. C-HR Parsing demonstrates remarkable effectiveness with twice the processing speed in extracting educational and work experience information, with superior accuracy compared to other systems. In particular, C-HR Parsing is specifically designed and optimized for Vietnamese data, offering superior accuracy compared to domestic and international competitors in collecting Vietnamese information from candidate resumes.


In addition, the CV Matching feature will help analyze candidate CV information and compare it with job requirements from multiple data sources, calculate compatibility scores, and suggest the most potential candidates for the recruitment position. This allows recruiters to shorten the time spent screening resumes, quickly identify suitable candidates, and improve recruitment efficiency and personnel quality. C-HR also supports SAP SuccessFactors in building a strong HR database, scientifically storing and managing candidate information, ready for future recruitment activities.

4. Comprehensive HR Ecosystem: Practical Benefits

The optimal combination of SAP SuccessFactors and C-HR helps businesses build a comprehensive HR management ecosystem, bringing outstanding benefits. The success of the C-HR tool in real-world projects has proven the value of this solution in changing the way recruitment and HR management are done.

The Recruitery platform, with over 10,000 customers, successfully implemented C-HR in 1.5 months, achieving impressive results: 20,000 CVs uploaded with a 97% success rate, the system suggested 900 suitable candidates, and the reliability level for resume uploads reached 82%. These figures demonstrate the practical effectiveness of the C-HR solution, bringing practical benefits to businesses.

With a strategic vision of applying A.I technology to HR management, TH Group also chose to integrate C-HR on the SAP SuccessFactors platform to implement the Smart Job Application Management and Information Extraction System in April 2024. Ms. Tran Thi Quyen - HR Director of TH Group affirmed: "A.I in HR management is not the future anymore but the tool to optimize performance and promote creativity in the current work environment." This project of TH Group is a clear demonstration of the goal of improving productivity, optimizing human resources, and creating positive experiences for both the HR department and HR's customers.

In Vietnam, A.I is directed by the Government to become a priority field, promising to create positive impacts on human resource planning activities, improving service quality and business efficiency. The application of A.I in HR management not only brings practical benefits such as process automation and improved recruitment efficiency but also contributes to changing management thinking and creating a more dynamic and effective work environment. The combined use of artificial intelligence in C-HR and SAP SuccessFactors also affirms the position of a comprehensive solution for HR management, trusted and applied by leading businesses. A.I is and will continue to create breakthroughs, contributing to changing the HR industry in the future.

CMC Consulting is confident in accompanying businesses to optimally exploit the potential of the C-HR solution and SAP SuccessFactors, using A.I to improve HR management efficiency and achieve new successes. Businesses interested in this solution, please contact CMC Consulting for detailed advice and to experience the outstanding benefits that the solution brings. CMC Consulting - Strategic partner, accompanying you on your digital transformation journey.

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