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Continuously advancing and amplifying the value of ERP, SAP offers a dynamic portfolio of flagship solutions that meet the evolving needs of organizations worldwide. The RISE with SAP offering continues this multi-decade legacy, guiding customers throughout their transformative journey to our modular cloud ERP – SAP S/4HANA Cloud Private Edition – with steadfast support and continuous innovation.

In the first half of 2024, SAP launched RISE with SAP Add-on Packages for critical lines of business, enabling customers using RISE with SAP to reap significant value from their Cloud ERP investment. Each targeted package augments the complete offering of cloud solutions, infrastructure, and services, creating a strategic arsenal for addressing uniquely nuanced challenges and opportunities.

The first two sets of packages that are now available focus on the needs of finance and supply chain organizations. To advance critical functions from digital banking and treasury and risk management to product lifecycle management and logistics, these packages are designed to be versatile allies in the quest for greater efficiency, sustainability, and growth.

1. Strengthening Financial Empowerment for Business Growth

Financial management stands as a critical pillar for business growth. Within RISE with SAP, its impact can be heightened with add-on packages finely tuned for the office of the CFO.

  • Digital Banking: Simplify connections with customers, banks, and payment service providers while meeting the highest security standards. This package streamlines financial transactions and helps ensure a comprehensive and secure banking interface, supporting payment processes integrated with SAP S/4HANA Cloud Private Edition.
  • Treasury and Risk Management: Invest, borrow, and hedge exposures more confidently with a comprehensive solution for centralized treasury and risk management. Through this solution, smooth integration with trading platforms allows finance organizations to streamline, automate, and unify trading activities and make more strategic decisions with real-time and predictive cash insights.
  • Financial Three Lines of Defense: Let standardization and automation take center stage to address key activities in enterprise risk management, regulatory compliance, and audit processes. This package empowers finance professionals to anticipate and respond to potential economic risks, identify and resolve issues faster, and gain near-real-time visibility into their company’s compliance status and control effectiveness.
  • Billing and Revenue Innovation Management: Accelerate the monetization of innovative business models and billing processes for bundled-usage services, products, projects, and recurring services billed on a single invoice. This package helps establish the foundation for supporting subscription order management, convergent charging and invoices, and contract accounting. It also facilitates incentives and revenue shares for business partners with high-volume customer billings.

2. Building Resilient Bonds Across the Supply Chain

Companies that connect their processes, contextualize their decisions, and collaborate with each supplier, partner, and stakeholder are well-positioned to run risk-resilient and sustainable supply chains. RISE with SAP brings this competitive edge by setting the proper foundation with the following add-on packages.

  • Advanced Product Lifecycle Management: Empower your development organization with the best capabilities for collaboration, visualization, requirements definition and specification, and change management. This package equips product-centric companies with solutions that keep information flowing across each PLM activity and engage suppliers through digital networks. In return, design decisions are made more accurately, and delays give way to accelerated time to market.
  • Advanced Supply Chain Planning: Build an agile, intelligent, and risk-resilient supply chain. With this package, supply chain organizations can automate and tightly coordinate their planning processes, leverage AI-driven intelligence and planning capabilities, and identify disruptions and shortages early to respond faster and more effectively.
  • Advanced Logistics: Increase resilience against constant change and deliver as promised at the right time – every time. Through this package, supply chain organizations gain best-practice logistics capabilities in warehousing, transportation, robotics, and yard management to reduce costs, avoid stock-outs, and improve order accuracy and on-time delivery.
  • Advanced Manufacturing: Drive productivity safely and sustainably with intelligent manufacturing planning and execution. This package assists supply chain organizations in meeting demand with automated, flexible manufacturing processes that support risk-resilient operations and improve sustainability performance.
  • Advanced Asset and Service Management: Enter a new world of optimized, AI-powered maintenance and service capabilities. This package opens the door to innovative technologies that maximize asset performance, reduce maintenance costs, and deliver service excellence. This approach allows asset owners and service providers to handle everything from asset strategy and planning to maintenance scheduling and field service management on mobile devices.

Navigating the Future with Digital Synergy

The RISE with SAP offering is not only emerging as an enabler for migrating on-premises ERP systems to SAP S/4HANA Cloud Private Edition; it’s also a transformative force shaping the future of businesses. With the addition of add-on packages meticulously crafted for finance and supply chain challenges, the offering stands to become a strategic partner, propelling SAP customers into a new era of efficiency, resilience, and sustained growth.


Source: https://news.sap.com/2024/04/rise-with-sap-finance-and-supply-chain-add-on-packages/

Author: Eric van Rossum - Chief marketing and solutions officer for Cloud ERP at SAP


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