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1. What is SAP SuccessFactors


According to a website for professionals and the worlwide community of SAP software users, SAP SuccessFactors is one of the leading softwares which provides Human Experience Management solution (HXM) based on the evaluation from reputable market research companies in the world such as: Forrester, Gartner, IDC, Nucleus Research, etc. Accordingly, SAP SuccessFactors is a solution which integrates HXM activities such as recruiting, training, goal management and performance evaluation, building compensation and benefits, succession planning, tracking HR metrics with high accuracy analytical tools for maximum time savings.


In reality, most enterprises are facing a serious shortage of employees, especially the senior personnel. This is a backlog in the human resource market not only in Vietnam but also in many other developing countries. According to a report by Mercer - a leading US consulting group on the global recruitment situation, 73% of HR managers have forecasted a revolution in the recruitment sector within the next 3 years. The most outstanding trend is the orientation of applying digital technology to solve HR difficulties in enterprises. Consequently, many enterprises have now embarked on applying SAP SuccessFactors, making it the best-selling HR solution with 6,300 corporate clients globally.

Enterprises also prefer to choose SAP SuccessFactors because of its advantages compared to other human resource management solutions:

Faster deployment time: Helping enterprises save operating costs and resource costs.

High security: All core parts such as hardware, storage system and network are dedicated to a single client, ensuring maximum security.

Easy to use: Small and medium-sized enterprises can easily update information on real-time key performance indicators. Users also easily access the necessary information by quick searching operation.

Customizable and upgradable: SAP can be customized and upgraded to meet the evolving needs of enterprises.


2. The role of SAP SuccessFactors in enterprise human experience management


In the digital economy, the application of an integrated HXM system in real-time has become an important and indispensable link in the infrastructure system of any enterprise. According to Mrs. Megawaty Khie - Vice President of SAP SuccessFactors in Southeast Asia, enterprises are now implementing SAP SuccessFactors HXM solutions because they realize the great benefits this solution can bring to the HR system. Specifically:

Creating positive work experiences, improving work performance and keeping employees engaged: To avoid new employees quitting during the probationary period, SAP SuccessFactors solution offers an Integration Program. Accordingly, each new employee will be assigned to a seniority mentor to accompany and help them get acquainted in the first days. Thus, this advantage can help enterprises solve the problem of keeping employees engaged with the company for a long time.

Attracting, retaining and training talent: SAP SuccessFactors helps enterprises retain talented employees by encouraging regular and consecutive communication between employees and managers. From these discussions, both parties can identify common goals. All opinions of employees and leaders are stored in the system for the basis of future decisions. By that way, when an employee gets a wage raise or promotion, they will clearly understand the reason. Employees who have not been promoted also know what they need to improve to receive the desired compensation.

Personnel training: SAP SuccessFactors solution also has the "high to retire" criteria, helping to train and foster young, inexperienced employees to take on senior positions in the future. Thus, enterprises will have more internal succession options, instead of paying high salaries to attract talent from their rivals.

Ensuring transparent and accurate recognition of effort and results: If the company does not have an effective and transparent performance evaluation system, employees are also unlikely to be dedicated to their job because they are always skeptical whether their efforts will be recognized fairly and objectively. With SAP SuccessFactors solution, enterprises can solve this problem quickly based on the performance evaluation and management system, thereby making fair and transparent reward decisions for employees.

►Building close relationships within the company: SAP SuccessFactors can help enterprises enhance employees' work experience by collecting data and clearly analyzing their needs and wants. From there, this helps to make sure that employees feel connected, supported, and empowered.


3. Key functional modules of SAP SuccessFactors solution

It is undeniable that the benefit  SAP SuccessFactors solution brings to the human resource system in the enterprise are enormous. These benefits are derived from the comprehensive functional module system, solving shortcomings problems in terms of personnel thoroughly. From there, it helps SuccessFactors solution to become an effective right-hand man for enterprises and organizations around the world.

 The main functional modules of the SAP SuccessFactors solution include:

►Employee Central: SuccessFactors Employee Central (EC) is the Human Resource Center module which provides a comprehensive core human resource system. This module includes:  organization data (Organizational structure, job structure, salary structure, position management...), employee data and personnel changes of organization are supported by Self-service features, decentralization and approval process,... In addition, with the Human Resource Center module, enterprises also have the chance to use the features of Global Benefits Management, Time and Attendance. SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central ensures global HR compliance by localizing  for more than 95 countries and helps enterprises build relationships and connect with all employees no matter where they come from.

►Recruiting: SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting solution helps enterprises and organizations build sustainable relationships and find talented candidates. With SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting, the recruitment department can rely on the information collected from monitoring the activities of potential candidates to send necessary information to them, then answer questions and instructions. From there, it helps enterprises and organizations to recruit the suitable candidates and improve the experience for all applicants.

►Onboarding: SuccessFactors Onboarding module has the task of supporting enterprises to build and organize an integration program with attractive experiences for candidates, increasing interaction between employees and the organization,... This module has the role of guiding the recruitment manager to create a friendly integration environment to meet and improve the entire integration task of the candidate. The information is provided quickly, timely, shortening the integration time, improving interaction and connection with candidates from the first days. At the same time, it also increases the ability to retain employees for a long time.

►Learning: The SAP Learning module helps promote the learning culture of organizations, thereby attracting learners inside and outside the organization with engaging learning and training experiences. In addition, the Learning module also develops skills for employees and helps them prepare for the digital transformation revolution. With the Learning module, enterprises can increase employee performance, improve business results, and ensure the competitiveness of enterprises and organizations.

►Succession & Development: With typical features such as Talent Search, Talent Pools, Presentations and Org chart for Succession Planning, Succession & Development module supports the organization to build a talented workforce in a methodical and professional manner. In addition, the system also ensures employees are always on track with their goals with "ongoing coaching" and "feedback" features. Moreover, the Mentoring Program will automatically connect learners to the appropriate mentor, in order to save time compared to the mentor and mentee having to search and connect with each other. Last but not least, the Reviews and Calibration tool in this module will ensure the most objective assessment for the selection and training of future leaders and successors.

►Performance & Goals management: The SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals management (PMGM) module makes the process of creating, aligning, managing and measuring enterprise and personal goals become easiest. Both managers and employees can easily create and customize goals. Once goals have been set and tracked, these goals will be measured and assessed. The PMGM module helps enterprises measure an individual's performance  compared with the goals and assessment set that the enterprise offers, as well as compare it with the individual's goals and capabilities.

►Compensation: SAP SuccessFactors Compensation can help organizations and enterprises build and manage a suitable compensation and benefits scheme that meets s employees and company needs and budget. With the Compensation module, enterprises can ensure a fair and equal remuneration, motivating employees to achieve optimal work efficiency.


4. Practical application of SAP SuccessFactors solution in enterprise

SAP SuccessFactors solution with a variety of functional modules and the ability to optimize and solve most difficulties in human experience management has become the first choice for many domestic and international enterprises. Nowadays, many SAP SuccessFactors projects have been successfully implemented, demonstrating the feasibility of this solution in solving human experience management problems of enterprises.

Representative of TH Group - Ms. Pham Thu Hien shared in the webinar "Performance management - Difficult problems for businesses at the end of the year": “Since TH Group applied SAP SuccessFactors solution in 2018, up to now, key indicators have improved significantly: Group-wide productivity has been boosted; The efficiency of human resource management has been improved, shortened the time for internal approval and Improve the employee satisfaction index in the enterprise thanks to shorter management processes.

Also in this webinar, Mrs. Ta Binh Minh - Solution Advisor - Human Experience Management (SAP SuccessFactors) of SAP Vietnam affirmed: “SAP SuccessFactors solution does not regulate the size of the business but depends on the development strategy of the organization. With outstanding advantages and an optimal supporting technology platform, this solution has been trusted and applied to develop human resources for large corporations around the world. In Vietnam, this technology is also being used effectively by corporations such as SunGroup, Vingroup, TH Group, Coca Cola, Sacombank, VPbank, CMC Corporation, Novaland, Daikin, Shinhan,...


➼ In general, SAP SuccessFactors is a management solution capable of optimizing the enterprise’s human experience system. However, the journey to implement this solution is still challenging, requiring enterprises to have a reputable companion. As a Gold Partner of SAP Vietnam, CMC Consulting is the leading Consulting and Implementation services provider of comprehensive Digital Transformation solutions for enterprises. CMC Consultingcommits the capability of consulting and implementing SAP SuccessFactors to meet the human experience management needs of enterprises and organizations with high-quality service and competitive price.


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