The latest trends of Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) in 2022

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The ERP system is capable of integrating all the core processes needed to run a company, including functional modules such as: Financial accounting; Human resource management; Manufacturing; Supply chain; Business;... Therefore, many businesses always pay attention to the development orientations of the ERP system through the years.


Top ERP trends in 2022

According to GoodFirms- a website reviews and ratings of top service companies and software products, 2022 will be the year when the ERP system explodes with many new trends, such as:

1. Shifting focus from On-Premise to Cloud ERP

Cloud ERP is an overall business management software solution based on cloud computing technology. All company data is stored on the cloud platform. It is more cost-effective than the On-Premise solution where the data is stored locally on the enterprise's server, causing personnel costs and expenses of renting a server. Therefore, Cloud ERP solutions are gradually dominating the market. Many businesses who are using On-Premise solutions have also redirected, putting part or all of their data to the Cloud.

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will dominate along with Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help businesses improve productivity in their organizations. AI takes ERP integration to the next level through predictive analytics and hyper-automation, helping to make better decisions and enhance the customer experience. AI-powered ERP systems using machine learning, natural language processing, and chatbots can help businesses achieve business goals.

3. Internet of Things (IoT) enabled ERP to popularize

IoT-enabled ERP systems are being highly used within manufacturing units or businesses requiring fully automated data collection. IoT devices will be installed at places and components that need to be tracked round the clock send the information to the ERP systems, which then compile the information and generate real-time reports for better visibility and decision making.

4. Automation and simplification with the most optimized ERP platform

Automation in ERP allows simplifying the processes, resulting in improved productivity and efficiency. With all the information in a centralized location that can flow through the entire organization automatically and in a simplified way, businesses can be sure that they have the right information on their fingertips at the right time.

5. Make quick decisions using Big Data and analytics

ERP solutions which are powered by Big Data analytics can take data from multiple sources and turn that data into comprehensive reports, allowing deeper insights into the business to be discovered in the future.

A number of other trends in 2022 are also highlighted by GoodFirms, including: ERP system mobility will continue to be a market changer factor; The function of analytics reporting support will be enhanced to become more powerful; Data on the ERP system is updated in real time;...


Cloud ERP- New orientation of enterprise resource planning in 2022

Also according to the GoodFirms, Cloud ERP solution will occupy the focus from On-Premise in 2022 because of its benefits, such as:

  • Lower cost: Investment cost in Cloud ERP is 30% cheaper than On-Premise ERP. Specifically, when investing in On-Premises ERP, businesses have to spend a lot of money on things like buying a server, creating a database, the initial installation process, fee for IT staff as well as security and data backup. Meanwhile, with data stored and managed entirely by the provider's resources, Cloud ERP users don’t need to worry because Cloud ERP can be used as a subscription and paid for service in a certain period of time.

  • Fast and flexible deployment: Cloud applications are much easier to set up and maintain than the old systems. System probing does not require a separate physical server, therefore, maintenance can be handled remotely and efficiently.

  • Easy to customize and change quickly: Cloud softwares can be updated much more easily than old software. The software updates can be rolled out to all users to update at the same time. Meanwhile, in the past, users had to wait for updates from the provider to receive the latest upgrade.

  • Easy accessibility: Cloud ERP allows employees of the businesses to access what they need anywhere, at any time. Cloud ERP users can access data from anywhere on any device. Employees will be able to work and exchange on a unified data platform, avoiding unnecessary tasks that take up time.

  • Access to new technologies: Machine Learning, IoT and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are all being integrated into the modern Cloud ERP system to help businesses access the modern innovations which are required to compete in the market.

  • High level of security and lost data recovery: Although data management is left to a third partner, these providers can guarantee data security. Furthermore, the data will always be backed up, and disaster recovery is planned and implemented by the provider as needed. In addition, the provider is also responsible for the security of Cloud ERP user information as well as information about access devices.


Cloud ERP implementation providers in Vietnam

According to a KPMG survey, more than 58% of businesses in the world have clearly defined a digital transformation strategy. Enterprises in Vietnam in many different fields and industries have also been embarking on choosing ERP implementation partners, especially cloud application (Cloud ERP) providers to catch up with world trends and system optimization in business.

Currently, ERP deployment providers in Vietnam are still the first choice of domestic and foreign enterprises investing in Vietnam because of the strengths they possess. Specifically:

  • Understanding of the market and working styles of businesses in Vietnam: With the advantage of being a domestic deployer, ERP Cloud providers in Vietnam can clearly see the problems that businesses are facing and come up with a direct solution more easily than the foreign providers. 

  • Cutting-edge technology: Vietnam is one of the leading countries in the international technology market when applying a number of advanced technologies such as Blockchain, IoT, AI & Machine Learning, Cloud Computing. It shows that the deploying units in Vietnam have the ability to provide the modernist and the most up-to-date technology products for businesses. 

  • Reasonable price: When starting the business planning journey, cost is always the top concern of businesses. This helps ERP implementation partners in Vietnam have more additional advantage when they can reduce costs by the ability to offer simple and streamlined local solutions, helping to optimize human resources costs for businesses.

  • Professional IT engineer workforce: Currently, Vietnam's biggest advantage is its abundant IT workforce and young labor structure. Vietnam's technical workforce has mastered science and technology by investing in learning and practicing methodically in practical projects. Moreover, the young IT team in Vietnam is also able to speak English fluently, ready to communicate and advise foreign businesses.


Thus, with the increasing demand for ERP applications in Vietnam, domestic and foreign enterprises always want to choose the right implementation provider, meeting the criteria of both quality and cost to be a companion on the path of business planning.

CMC Consulting (Successor company of CMC Ciber) proudly is one of the top reputable implementation providers has been certified by SAP ERP in Vietnam. As an SAP Gold Partner with 30% SAP market share and over 14 years of experience, CMC Consulting has more than 150 leading and experienced ERP consultants committed to providing customers with intensively designed ERP solutions suitable for different industries/fields with the best quality and competitive price. 

The goal of CMC Consulting is to provide Vietnamese and foreign customers with SAP's top quality software solutions and services, helping businesses to optimize production processes, reduce costs, and obtain the highest return on investment by applying modern technology and inheriting management experience accumulated from successful enterprises in the world. With quality service and optimal price competition, CMC Consulting is committed to the success of customers.


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