SAP AMS: Enhancing the Quality of SAP ERP Systems for Enterprises

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To ensure seamless coordination among functional departments, management, and maintenance for effective business operations, upgrading the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is essential. However, this is a complex and challenging task that demands high levels of knowledge, skills, and expertise. This is why SAP Application Management Support (SAP AMS Services) has become a crucial element for maximizing the efficient operation of SAP ERP management software.

  1. SAP AMS - Enhancing the Quality of SAP ERP Systems for Enterprises

SAP AMS (Application Management Services) provides maintenance and improvement services for SAP ERP enterprise management systems. As business needs, technology, and enterprise development directions change, SAP AMS flexibly adjusts the SAP system to meet all the business's software scale and functionality requirements.

SAP AMS services are provided by highly specialized units with years of practical experience in consulting and implementing SAP software. They support businesses in strategizing to apply the most effective digital transformation solutions, leveraging maximum benefits from investments in technology for the enterprise

SAP AMS (Application Management Services) - Enhancing the Quality of SAP ERP Systems for Enterprises

     2. Why is SAP AMS essential for a business's digital transformation process?

The key to a successful digital transformation lies in a business's strategic investment in developing technology applications to enhance competitive capabilities and adapt to the digital age. SAP AMS experts are a crucial resource supporting businesses in efficiently leveraging investments in digital transformation. They optimize application performance and drive innovation throughout the entire enterprise, resulting in the following benefits:

  • Ensuring the Strategic Nature of the SAP System in the Business: SAP AMS experts possess knowledge and experience with SAP products, advising businesses on the most effective methods to upgrade and customize the system. With a deep understanding of the complexity of SAP systems, experts help businesses optimize management and operations, avoiding maintenance cost damages and downtime, ensuring the efficient operation of the business's SAP system.

  • Cost Reduction for the Business: SAP AMS experts serve as an extension of the business's IT team, outsourcing software support and SAP system maintenance. This helps businesses significantly reduce costs, decreasing the need to invest in personnel, training, and infrastructure. Businesses can focus on strategic and operational activities, while SAP AMS ensures the remaining support operations.

  • Adjusting the Scale of SAP System Operations to Business Needs: The adaptability of the operational machinery to changes in the strategic vision of the business is essential for sustainable development. When there are changes in the strategic business vision, the business may need to scale up or down the scope of its SAP system application. SAP AMS experts help businesses quickly and effectively meet these changing needs by flexibly adjusting the SAP system, optimizing functions, and serving the business's operational goals.

  • Improving Performance for the Business's SAP System: System downtime or poor performance during SAP system operation significantly impacts productivity and revenue. SAP AMS experts ensure the business's SAP system operates at its best, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency, ensuring smooth and continuous administrative, production, and business processes.

  • Enhancing Data Security for the SAP System: Security is a concern for every business, especially those with large amounts of data. Businesses need to ensure that the SAP systems they use are absolutely secure. SAP AMS experts assist businesses in achieving this goal by providing specialized knowledge on security and deploying the most suitable methods. They also stay updated on potential threats and the latest security features to enhance data protection for the business.

  • Upgrading and Improving the SAP System to Ensure Operational Efficiency: SAP continually improves its system and develops new features to ensure the comprehensive nature of management software. Therefore, SAP AMS experts constantly update businesses with the latest products and services from SAP, helping businesses take advantage of modern technologies and improvements to optimize and enhance operational performance in business activities, maintaining competitiveness in the market.

By engaging with SAP AMS experts, businesses can focus on their core activities while leveraging the knowledge and skills of industry-leading experts. With high-level expertise and years of experience, the expert team at CMC Consulting confidently provides successful improvement solutions, ensuring the business's operational processes and activities achieve maximum efficiency.

     3. SAP Managed Service - The Choice of Leading Businesses

The main mission of SAP AMS partners is to minimize risks in the operation of SAP systems, helping businesses maintain continuous and efficient organizational activities and operations. Going beyond acquiring new licenses and fixing system errors, SAP AMS providers must have the capability to optimize costs and ensure the business's return on investment. This involves accurately and honestly assessing the current situation and providing solutions to maximize the efficient operation of the business's SAP system.

The SAP Managed Service provided by CMC Consulting

With its capability, quality assurance, and optimized model, CMC Consulting takes pride in being one of the reputable providers of SAP system management services, supporting businesses in: Monthly, quarterly, and yearly service reporting, assisting in managing the quantity of tickets and their corresponding status. The reports include charts for tracking and comparing planned versus actual efforts for timely adjustments if needed. Remote and on-site support as needed at the client's office. Cost optimization through proper arrangement of tasks and corresponding resources.

CMC Consulting's SAP Managed Services stand out among other SAP system management/maintenance services in the market due to three major advantages:

* Capability and Quality Assurance

With the core value of "Customer Centricity," CMC Consulting strives to gain a deep understanding of the client's management processes and has profound knowledge in various SAP modules, such as FI, CO, SD, MM, QM, PP, WM, Basis, ABAP, PI, BW, BIBO, HANA, etc. This extensive experience and a team of experts in diverse areas make it easier for CMC Consulting to win over clients. The competence and quality of CMC Consulting's Managed Services have been affirmed through various SAP certifications, such as the PCoE certification, recognizing CMC Consulting as a specialized partner of SAP.

* Optimized Support Model

At CMC Consulting, the Managed Services are executed based on an optimized model to quickly identify and thoroughly solve issues for clients at three fundamental levels:
- Level 1 - Service desk:

The client's IT department records basic user-reported errors and proactively addresses simple issues.

- Level 2 - Technical support:

In-depth research, testing, investigation, and solutions are provided for issues escalated from Level 1. This includes analyzing root causes and delivering direct and surrounding solutions for the problem, as well as monitoring and resolving integration-related issues for SAP developments.

- Level 3 - Advanced support:

Research, testing, and solutions are offered for more complex issues escalated from Level 2. This includes in-depth root cause analysis, monitoring, and resolution of system issues. It also involves working with SAP to address issues related to software copyrights (core components) of SAP.

* Service Commitment (SLA - Service Level Agreements)

CMC Consulting offers diverse Managed Service packages tailored to the needs of each client, with service agreements signed annually. The service contracts are established when both the client and CMC Consulting agree on the prioritization rules for encountered issues. Accordingly, CMC Consulting is responsible for providing feedback and resolving client issues within the agreed-upon timeframe.

As a Gold Partner of SAP in Vietnam, CMC Consulting is confident in being a leading provider of SAP Managed Services, trusted and collaborated with by many top enterprises. CMC Consulting assures results through practical experience, having successfully signed and implemented Managed Service contracts for numerous large domestic and international enterprises, such as VP Bank, Viglacera, HVN, Uniben, Motul APAC, Diana Unicharm, and more.

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