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The Live webinar organized by CMC Consulting (Successor company of CMC Ciber) in collaboration with EOD Vietnam and SAP Vietnam on October 26, 2021, with the topic "Performance Management -Difficult problems of Businesses at the end of the year" provided solving orientation for human resource problems at the end of each year for businesses and organizations.

The sharing webinar on the Live Webinar Zoom platform attracted nearly 200 HR representatives from businesses to attend


Performance evaluation is an ongoing process

In the first sharing by Ms. Pham Thu Hien - HR Director of TH Food Chain, continuity was emphasized throughout the process of continuous performance management.

Performance management is the process of identifying, encouraging, measuring, evaluating, improving, and rewarding employee performance. An effective performance management process needs to ensure two properties: continuity and alignment with the organization's goals. The continuous management process makes feedback between employees and management two-way, managers can train employees continuously and improve their performance. With performance management aligned with the organization's goals, ensuring that employee activities and outcomes are aligned with the organization's goals and objectives, Business Managers can observe the contributions of employees to the organization in the most obvious way.

Portraits of speakers and guests in the webinar


Identifying the right goal plays an important role

According to speaker Thu Hien, in the standard management process, we need to define strategic goals for the organization first, then employee performance. From there, creating a basis for comparison and evaluation of performance is the expected result of the organization.


The performance management process consists of four steps: First, the business must make a plan (Goal commitment), including key results to be achieved, KPIs, goals and learning plans, performance goals, development plan. The second step is the Action step: Employees begin to perform their assigned roles, including following Company plans and personal development plans. The third step is Measure and Evaluate: Managers need to continuously conduct performance reviews, provide feedback, coach employees, and deal with underperformance. The final step in this process is the Review and Evaluation step: Managers participate in evaluation and feedback, assessing performance, strengths, and weaknesses that employees need to improve.


The role of performance management

Performance appraisals play an important role in HR operations and development. Mrs. Pham Thu Hien affirmed the point of view that the human resources department is responsible for performance evaluation is not correct. According to her, the Human Resources department is responsible for coordinating performance evaluation activities, including Designing and maintaining the evaluation system; System training; Control over the evaluation time and Review the evaluation results of the whole system.


Managers are the department responsible for evaluating employee performance, specifically: Preparing documents for evaluation, reviewing the results of direct employee evaluations, and Identifying points of need for employee development. This response does not happen one way, employees can feedback to management, identify performance issues, and set goals together. Finally, the Leader reviews the evaluation results of managers and conducts management training through feedback.


Challenges of implementing continuous performance management in the enterprise

Continuous performance management is a method that has been widely adopted around the world. In Vietnam, this process still faces many limitations when it comes to implementation. According to Mr. Nguyen Hong Son - Former CHRO of CMC Corporation, HR Advisor to the Chairman of BOD, CMC Corp of CMC Corporation, the reason is the lack of information technology application, namely the lack of tools to record data. On the other hand, changing the habit of setting and tracking goals continuously will cause changes in the working attitude of employees. In terms of opportunities, the continuous performance management system helps to create a two-way exchange between employees and management, changing the one-way of the old system, thereby creating understanding and cohesion within the organization, between staff and management.


Digital technology supports Performance Management

Mrs. Ta Binh Minh - Solution Advisor - Human Experience Management (SAP SuccessFactors) of SAP Vietnam shared a method to systematize the performance management process by SAP SuccessFactors solution. This is a solution that has been widely applied with more than 7000 customers around the world and more than 20 major customers in Vietnam over the past 20 years.

Manage work performance with SAP SuccessFactors solution


According to Mrs. Minh, SAP SuccessFactors solution with Goal Management and Evaluation Module starts with Goal Setting: Managers build and distribute goals through the system to employees. All activities to achieve KPI will be recorded by the system by the Continuous Performance Management function, from there, managers can monitor, provide feedback, and continuous training; at the same time creating cohesion between departments based on dialogue and suggestions. With the Evaluation function, the system will report on the results of the whole process, clearly showing the efforts and dedication of employees, and helping managers to recognize and evaluate them authentically. Finally, the Correction function will help leaders have an overview of the employee's ranking results, thereby making appropriate adjustments according to the specific policies of the business.


Applying digital management in HR management at large corporations

Answering the question of why CMC Corporation chose SAP SuccessFactors solution, Mr. Nguyen Hong Son said: CMC Corporation is a multi-disciplinary corporation system with different human resource management capacity and evaluation system in its member units. Therefore, CMC wants a management system to be suitable with the features of the corporation, and at the same time, comprehensive and complete a life cycle: From the beginning of recruitment to the time when employees work at the corporation for a long period. Moreover, the system needs to have integrated finance - accounting, providing input and performing evaluation activities.


Mrs. Pham Thu Hien, a representative of TH Group, also shared that after TH Group applied the SAP SuccessFactors solution from 2018 to now, the performance indicators have been significantly improved: Productivity of the whole group has been promoted. Improved the efficiency of human resource management by shortening the time of approval. Improved the employee satisfaction index in the enterprise based on shorter management processes.


At the end of the webinar, Mrs. Ta Binh Minh affirmed: SAP SuccessFactors solution does not regulate the size of the business but depends on the development strategy of the organization. With outstanding advantages and an optimal supporting technology platform, this is the solution that has been trusted and applied to develop human resources for large corporations around the world. In Vietnam, this technology is also being used effectively by corporations such as SunGroup, Vingroup, TH Group, Coca Cola, Sacombank, VPbank, CMC Corporation, Novaland, Daikin, Shinhan,...


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