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On the afternoon of June 6, MB Ageas Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (MB Ageas Life) and CMC Consulting Joint Stock Company (CMC Consulting) kicked off the project “Implementing SAP Analytics Cloud for MBAL”. This is a digital transformation project to improve the Multiple Year Budget process (MYB) of MB Ageas Life. Through the project, MBAL wants to automate the MYB process and enhance the efficiency of company report management.

SAP Analytics Cloud for MBAL Project Kick-off

Established in July 2016, MB Ageas Life aims to become the most trusted - leading life insurance company. With 300 branches, transaction offices and thousands telles across the country, MB Ageas Life desires to implement its mission: "To create the happiness with You" - Bring a new approach to Vietnam's life insurance market, for financial products in general and insurance products in particular. However, the “omni channel” system developed swiftly, which makes MBAL confront difficulties in terms of data management and report analysis. Planning steps and data upload in most of the modules are processed manually and complicated by Excel. That makes the company planning process a waste of time and resources

After a period of research and evaluation, MBAL decided to choose the SAP Analytics Cloud solution deployed by CMC Consulting to solve the above problems. This solution is expected to support Extend Planning and Analysis Process of MBAL with benefits such as: Driver-based planning for sales model and expenses, Collaboration - Come together to make better decisions, Plan for all scenarios with multiple versions, Intelligent planning for different situations with multiple versions; Support the Board of Directors to make the most accurate decisions; Simplified Steering Meeting with Digital Boardroom, Analyze, plan, predict, and report all in one place to save time and better support the business,... From there, it helps MBAL optimize time and simplify processes.

MBAL decided to choose the SAP Analytics Cloud solution deployed by CMC Consulting to solve the above problems

Mr. Hendrik Jan Van Drie - Chief Financial Officer at MB Ageas Life stated: “The project of implementing SAP Analytics Cloud plays a more important role than the others, contributing to MB Ageas Life's vision and strategy. By launching this project, it will enhance the efficiency of domains to make daily life easier and save time. The most important key is the real-time data retrieve dashboard. It is helpful for all departments, especially for Sales to have real-time connection every day, every minute and every second. Thus, it creates convenience for managers and motivation for all teams, staff,... This is not only a Finance project but a company project, which demands much contribution to overcome the challenges. The participation and the commitment of all departments is important to make the project complete.” Mr. Hendrik also shows the impression and high appreciation of the CMC Consulting team members through the working process. He believes that the crucial contribution of CMC Consulting will make SAP Analytics Cloud implementing project go-live successful.  

Mr. Hendrik Jan Van Drie - Chief Financial Officer at MB Ageas Life stated at the kick-off

In this event, Mrs. Nguyen Hang Thu - Vice President of CMC Consulting also shared: CMC Consulting commits going together with MBAL to not only go live the project but also open the chance of sustainable collaboration between CMC Consulting và MB Ageas Life. 

Sharing of Mrs. Nguyen Hang Thu - Vice President of CMC Consulting

As a Gold Partner of SAP Vietnam, CMC Consulting is confident to be the leading recognized supplier of  Consulting and Implementation services of comprehensive Digital Transformation solutions. We commit that the SAP Analytics Cloud implementing project for MB Ageas Life will succeed beyond expectations, helping MB Ageas Life improve the efficiency of report management and being a new developing step in the digital transformation of MB Ageas Life.

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